Gillian Rosselli

Venice Installation View

Venice Biennale, 2024 - Zimbabwe Pavilion "Undone"

About this artwork

Acrylic Paint and Medium on paper 600 x 200 cm - 2024

Venice Biennale 2024 - Zimbabwe Pavilion Undone’ - 20 April - 24 November 2024

The 4 individual works on paper, namely Heritage is a Pattern’, Interfering Memories’, Mapping Memories’ and Yesterday Aligns Tomorrow’ represent a process, where Rosselli brings into conversation patterns from different contrasting worlds, finding a way to bridge their diverse landscapes in an evolutionary journey of dialectical discussions.

The back of the works on the room divider is in neutral graphics / charcoal, it references neutrality and the fact that nothing in this world is black & white. In the works one reads a progression of some sort, perhaps a show and sense of where the direction the artist is taking to reach the pluriversal world. In the end, there is a synergy between the long gone and the now.