Gillian Rosselli

Saturday Night Fever

A Gathering, National Gallery of Zimbabwe 2023

About this artwork

Saturday Night Fever - 2023, Acrylic Paint and Chalk Pastels on Paper, 218 x 210 cm

Under the backdrop of a deep blue night sky, a gathering unfolds. The attendees, youthful and fashionable, exude a model-like aura. This Saturday evening celebration is marked by vibrant energy and enjoyment. Through her artwork, Rosselli has endeavored to capture movement, showcasing various angles and shapes, both front and back. Amidst the lively ambiance, there is an underlying somber undertone embodied by a man dressed as a pig, assuming the persona of a joker. The female dancers gracefully move to his whimsical tune. The night envelops everything in darkness, accentuated by its intense blue hue, while the party-goers’ outfits burst forth in vivid colors. High heels, exquisite footwear, and fashionable eyewear add to the scene’s allure. In this space, despite our worries, we can momentarily escape and be ourselves, finding solace in the gathering of kindred spirits who share similar perspectives.