Gillian Rosselli

Billionaires Party

A Gathering, National Gallery of Zimbabwe 2023

Billionaires Party - 2023, Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 218 x 280 cm

About this artwork

This extraordinary event took place within one of the oldest colonial houses in Constantia, Cape Town. The historical narrative surrounding the location suggests that it once belonged to the esteemed Royal Family, the Windsors, with reports indicating that Lady Diana herself resided there for a period of time. The party coincided with the Investec Cape Town Art Fair, infusing the gathering with an artistic ambiance. Undoubtedly, the Queen would have been taken aback by the transformation of her former lush Cape Town garden into a lively, bohemian, and artistically inspired party scene. Sometimes, statues of the past must crumble, while other times, a remarkable celebration is needed to occupy historically significant spaces, reinvigorating their energy.